IB 2023 Online Waiver

All players/participants and coaches are REQUIRED to fill out the waiver

Please use this link to fill out the Ice Breaker Online Waiver. Your team admin will collect your completed waiver and must verify that all players and coaches have completed this. Please forward your confirmation email (or send a screenshot) to your team manager/designated person to show it has been completed.

TEAM ADMIN- Please note: All participants, players and coaches, must complete the online waiver (click here for the online waiver). You will need to verify this is complete for your team and upload the Waiver Verification form with the Check-in Documents (form link is below). The easiest way to verify online waivers are complete is to ask your families and coaches to forward you (or the team admin) a copy of the email they receive when they complete the online smart waiver. DO NOT UPLOAD INDIVIDUAL WAIVER CONFIRMATIONS. We only need the completed verification form you will fill out and sign once you have verified that all of your players have completed the online waiver. Each team manager must verify their participants' waivers have been completed. The below verification form must be scanned and turned in with your roster by the check-in deadline. Your roster will NOT be approved until this is complete. No coach or player is allowed to participate without the online waiver completed.


IB Team Waiver Veification Form.pdf