Digital Check-in


The Digital Check-in for 2023 is Complete! Rosters are now FROZEN.


Tournament staff has reviewed your team documents and uploaded an APPROVED ROSTER to your GotSoccer account. It may be found under the Documents Tab labeled Approved Roster.  Be sure to print 4 copies of the Approved Roster and bring one to each game.  The approved photo roster will have a red IB2023 Stamp on it. One roster will be given to the referee prior to each game, even if you are using player passes.

IB 2023 Digital Check-in is required to be done by 2/05/2023 

There will be no in-person check-in. Coaches Tournament bags and pins will be located at the tournament headquarters on Saturday and Monday between 10am and 6pm.

All teams will be required to upload the following documents into your team GotSoccer account. No emailed rosters will be accepted. Please note that all items should be scanned and saved as a PDF file to upload properly. WE WILL BE USING YOUR STATE ASSOCIATION PHOTO ROSTER.


Required for Check-In: 

- Photo Roster (or Player Cards) 

- Official Team Roster showing League/Association - No Got Soccer rosters will be used.

- Signed Waiver Verification Form (click here for this form)

Additional Information Required (only if applicable):

-Guest Player Forms

       -Non-State Registered Players - have them register with your club as a Tournament Only player then add to your Photo Roster (easiest way) or they may complete the USSSA Player Registration (may require player’s proof of age)

-Travel Papers (if required by your association to travel)

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more detailed explanation on how to obtain each of the above items.

Online Check-In Procedure:

Log into your GotSoccer team page Use the Classic GotSoccer login and choose Team Login

Click on the Events Tab and select 2023 Ice Breaker Outdoor Tournament – St George

Select the Documents tab (see image below)

Select the Document Name/Description for each required document using the drop down menu

Upload each Document from your computer. If uploading Player cards, please scan as many cards onto one page as you can.

All files should be loaded in PDF format 

Complete the above steps before February 5, 2023.

Still have questions? Need to know how to create your photo roster? Scroll down for more instructions.


Tournament staff will review all uploaded documents and if approved, will then upload an APPROVED ROSTER to your GotSoccer account no later than February 15, 2023. Please bring to the tournament 4 printed copies of the Approved Roster (with the IB2023 Stamp on it). One roster will be given to the referee prior to each game, even if you are using player cards.


For questions regarding online check-in only, please email No questions regarding bracketing or schedules will be answered from this email. For urgent matters, you can text 801-915-3205


ONLINE WAIVERS-  All participants, players and coaches, must complete the online waiver (click here for the online waiver). You will need to verify this is complete for your team and upload the Waiver Verification form with the Check-in Documents (form link is below). The easiest way to verify online waivers are complete is to ask your families and coaches to forward you (or the team admin) a copy of the email they receive when they complete the online smart waiver. DO NOT UPLOAD INDIVIDUAL WAIVER CONFIRMATIONS. We only need the completed verification form you will fill out and sign once you have verified that all of your players have completed the online waiver. Each team manager must verify their participants' waivers have been completed. The below verification form must be scanned and turned in with your roster by the check-in deadline. Your roster will NOT be approved until this is complete. No coach or player is allowed to participate without the online waiver completed. 


IB Team Waiver Veification Form.pdf

Additional Instructions for Required Documents to be Uploaded


Teams using the UYSA system must create an UYSA/Affinity generated Tournament Photo Roster. This roster MUST list every player, with jersey number and coach associated with the team, including guest players (both loaned and club passed).

1. Log into your UYSA account. 

2. Click on the Teams tab underneath your family information. 

3. A new window at the bottom will appear with two tabs. Click on the Teams tab. 

4. Click on the Team Info tab in the new window. You will be able to see your team roster. 

5. Click on the Tournament Roster tab. 

6. Click Create New Request. 

7. Enter all tournament details (listed below) then click Save & Continue. 

8. This will bring you to your team roster page. Review your team roster and verify all players and coaches are listed. 

To Add Guest Players 

1. Click the Add Player/Admin button on the right-hand corner. 

2. Choose the Roster Role from the drop-down menu & enter the Player ID #. 

3. Click Save & Continue. 

*All guest players are required to fill out a Player Action Form, signed by their coach. 

9. Click on the Review & Submit tab and click the Submit Application button.  The screen will clear once your application is submitted.

10. Click back on the Comments tab then again on the Review tab. This will refresh the information and populate a photo roster button. 

11. Click Print Photo Roster button (found under the Review tab). 

12. Your roster will be generated with player photos. Export the roster to a PDF and save a copy. Upload this copy to your GotSoccer account.

Other Associations:

Out of state teams must provide a photo roster from your State Association. You can provide scanned copies of Player cards in lieu of a Photo Roster if you prefer to do so. Scan the player cards and upload the PDF document. Please do not scan and upload cards individually! Place as many cards on one page as you can to scan them. You may have multiple documents in order to scan all of your player cards. Out of state teams may also need to provide travel papers (if required by your state to travel).


Upload your official team roster under the Documents tab (this does not need to be signed). This is different than your Photo Roster. See example below of an Official Team Roster.  If you have guest players not listed on your official team roster, be sure they are included on the photo roster and upload the applicable Guest Player Form for each guest.

EXAMPLE Official Team Roster  (Association /League Roster)


All guest players not rostered to your team must have a Specialty Player Action Form signed by the loaning club or coach. Club passed players from your own club will still need this form.  IB 22 does NOT have a limit on the number of guest players you add to your roster.

Unregistered guest players will need to register with your club as a Tournament Only player (contact your registrara for instructions) or they can fill out the USSSA Registration and may be manually added to your roster before it is submitted: USSSA Registration  Documents to prove the player's age will be required and there is a small fee.

If you have any trouble with your roster, uploading documents or just need help, please contact us! Email